Cairns Retail Radio Stations

Select a station and listen live...

Select the music style that suits your business and start playing in your store for FREE.


All you need is a device with an internet connection.

  • FREE to play in your store or business (just need the usual APRA licence)
  • Great music to increase your customer experience
  • No Talkback & Announcers
  • No News
  • Local business promotion
  • 24/7 music & local commercials

It's like a supermarket in-house radio station but for your local business community.

"When you support small business you are supporting a dream"
If you would like to advertise, become a member and receive an unlimited, equal monthly share of airtime.

What if you need a 30 second commercial?

We can certainly help with that. In fact we have some professional Voice Over Partners that have agreed to provide their voice talents to produce commercials at an amazing rate for our members.